Dredging "Istar" PLC Svishtov, Bulgaria is a public limited company performing the following operations:

Extraction and processing of inert materials - microsilicates, sand and ballast
Ship repair
Servicing unmanned ships with replaceable crews and doing maneuvers on them
Transport and trade activity in the country and abroad.

The company is located in the industrial area of Svishtov, neighbouring on Svishtov Port. It owns a terrain of 100 decares on the bank of the Danube River and a warehouse. It has a warehouse at Oryahovo Port, too. With its trade activity the company covers Central North Bulgaria and realizes export as well.


Dredging "Istar" PLC Svishtov has long-time traditions in extracting inert materials - sand and ballast. All materials meet the Bulgarian National Standard. Dredging "Istar" PLC has own laboratory for strict quality control of the products.


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